Privacy + Security Forum

Hosted By: Privacy + Security Academy

Privacy+Security Academy will host Privacy+Security Forum as a three-day conference that breaks down the silos of privacy and security by bringing together seasoned thought leaders.

James Gregoire, Privacy and Cybersecurity Director at Fenwick, is speaking on a panel titled, "What You Can Learn From an FTC Consent Order Assessment (and how to avoid one!)." Join James and his fellow panelists on October 15 at 8:50am.​

Unlike a settlement and release in most private litigations, which aim to provide finality to a dispute, entering an FTC privacy or cybersecurity consent order is the beginning of a long relationship with the FTC. Preparing for an independent assessment required by such an order can be a time consuming and costly exercise. But it can also be incredibly valuable. Even companies who have avoided an order thus far can strengthen their privacy programs by acting like they will be assessed under one. In this session, hear from individuals on both sides of the table (assessor and assessee) about key activities that every company should perform relating to program governance, risk assessment, privacy impact assessments, third-party risk management, and program monitoring, evaluation, and adjustment. By using an FTC consent order assessment as a model, companies can develop a repeatable, effective privacy compliance program.



  • Dennis Yeoh, Deputy General Counsel, VIZIO
  • Jim Gregoire, Privacy and Cybersecurity Director, Fenwick & West
  • Tyler Newby, Partner, Fenwick & West​


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