RightsCon Brussels

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Our biggest and most remarkable RightsCon yet is here!

Brought to you by Access Now, RightsCon Summit is the world’s leading event on the future of the internet to shape a global conversation about how to kee​p the internet open, free, and secure. As the sixth installment of the Summit, RightsCon Brussels will bring together 1,200+ attendees from 95 countries with 500+ organizations, tech companies, universities, startups, and governments represented. From March 29th-31st in Brussels, Belgium we’re gathering the global digital rights community in the heart of European policymaking to host our most impactful RightsCon yet.

RightsCon is the world’s leading event on the future of the internet. The annual conference convenes business leaders, visionaries, technologists, legal experts, civil society members, activists, and government representatives from across the globe on issues at the intersection of tech and human rights.​

On March 31 from 12-1:15 pm Andrew Bridges will be participating in the panel discussion on: The Internet of Things: the death of privacy?

This panel aims to identify and map out issues presented by new Internet of Things products. These products are life-changing for consumers all over the world – from wearable technologies meeting the needs of medical patients, to smart city products that aid consumers in their every day transit, there is little debate about the benefits of products that are connected to the internet. However, is the design of these products informed by consumer data protection principles? Should they be? Already in Arkansas, police officers are asking Amazon to produce data from one of the company’s Echo devices for possible evidence in a murder investigation. While police are not sure what information is available on the Echo device, they are hoping for any conversations it may have overheard. Where should the line be drawn?​