Setting Sail as a Public Company

Hosted By: BayBio

So your company has gone public in the last few years. While still forging ahead, keeping your momentum in the face of the many associated financial and legal requirements is difficult. You already know considerations for how to stay compliant and expertly managed are key but want to stay nimble and efficient. What are the financial and legal risks? How much time and energy is required?

During this Lunch & Learn, experts on the front lines of answering these questions will teach you:

  • How to improve transparency in your corporate filing and mitigate risk of SEC scrutiny
  • Best practices for avoiding financial restatements
  • What to know about providing supplemental information, including non-GAAP financials and financial forecasts
  • Management reporting and analysis for a new class of investors
  • Legal considerations for the newly public company, with emphasis on JOBS Act provisions for emerging growth companies
  • The importance of creating the right team