Startup Exit Masterclass

Hosted By: HAX

Fenwick is participating in a Startup Exit Masterclass hosted by HAX, the hardware branch of the global seed fund SOSV (700+ investments). Startups generally have no idea about how to prepare for exits, so the hosts decided to bridge the gap.

Just like fundraising, startups need​ to prepare. As soon as you have raised a round of fundraising, you need to be ready anytime. Startups dedicate lots of time to product, sales and fundraising, but remarkably little to exits. Yet, they are the result of market forces, timing and often years of preparation. The vast majority of exits are M&As and happen at series B or before (80%). This means only one thing: prepare early, and especially for M&As!

To help you understand how to prepare for this process, we've got speakers from various industries that represent billions of dollars worth of exits: investment bankers, venture capitalists, founders of acquired startups, corporates and more.


  • Funded Startups
  • Investors
  • Corporate development / M&A executives
  • Investment Bankers

Fenwick Principal Eli Curi will be speaking on the 4 p.m.panel on The Lawyer's View.​​​