TechLaw Institute 2017: The Digital Evolution

Hosted By: Practising Law Institute

Why You Should Attend

We are in the midst of a digital evolution. Technology continues to evolve and disrupt at breakneck speed, outpacing existing laws and regulations. As a result, businesses face challenges on all fronts on a daily basis. Employees working from home and on the road present new and unique challenges for employers. Data breaches are not a matter of if, but when, stealing precious hours of sleep from information and compliance managers and C-suite executives. Household appliances, devices and vehicles are becoming wirelessly inter-connected, this expanding the ever-increasing ecosystem of “Internet of things.” New technologies are also impacting the way lawyers manage their practices resulting in increased and more complex ethical challenges. Marketing and advertising firms that seek to exploit these new technologies also face challenges and legal risks in navigating these unchartered new waters.

Courts, clients and colleagues expect lawyers to stay abreast of this evolution – and have the answers they raise. Clients in particular demand sophisticated counsel that provide insight and value to help them solve their technology-related issues and grow their technology-reliant businesses.

This year’s TechLaw Institute 2017: The Digital Evolution will provide attendees with the information they need to serve their clients in this ever-changing environment. Attendees will learn about security issues affecting new technology; legal issues raised by the emerging “Internet of Things”, as well as by disruptive and sharing technologies. Our speakers will share how companies can exploit all of the marketing possibilities that social media sites offer, while at the same time managing attendant risks. Hear from industry experts how big data is driving the digital economy, and from regulators who will explain how these initiatives can threaten consumer rights and privacy. You will hear about the virtual workspace, and how companies are grappling with the security, compliance, and employment issues that come with it. Experts will also address ethical issues raised by new technology, and how that technology is altering the practice of law.

What You Will Learn

  • Issues relating to big data and data analytics
  • The emerging Internet of Things, and how it may change the legal landscape
  • Disruptive and sharing te​chnologies and their impact on the legal landscape
  • How the virtual workspace is changing business
  • How hackers attack corporate computer systems and how to respond
  • Recent developments in technology litigation
  • The impact of new technologies on legal ethics
  • How technology is changing the way we practice law

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for technology and IP lawyers, in-house counsel and outside counsel, and all lawyers who need to stay current on the cutting edge of legal issues relating to technology. Business professionals, computer professionals and information managers who need to keep up-to-date with the dramatic changes in this area will also find this program valuable.​​​