Five years in and the AIA continues to transform IP litigation’s rules of engagement. The one certainty so far: in-house counsel need to constantly adjust the​ir Defensive strategies to ensure their patents’ survival. An up-to-date perspective on the (dis)advantages of new, as well as existing tools, is critical for a smart, cost-effective strategy.

Join the rest of your local IP community for a one-day only session full of practical insights and learnings from front line experts focused on the latest defense strategies: navigating post issuance proceedings, changes in trade secrets, fighting NPE cost/benefit analysis and much more.


  • Defense Strategy: People, Prosecution & Portfolio Management
  • Strategic Defense Against Rivals & Operating Companies
  • NPE Defense: Balancing Risk, Cost and Outcomes
  • 2017 Defensive Perspectives on Post Issuance Proceedings
  • Risk Management & Avoiding Litigation
  • Ethics in Intellectu​al Property


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