The Black Art of Startup Valuations

Hosted By: HealthTech Capital

Are you familiar with the various methods to determine a premoney valuation? What’s useful and what isn’t? Where does exit valuation enter the equation? Valuation is more than premoney. Learn the dynamics of liquidation preferences, participating vs non-participating preferred, stock option pools, and more.

Come to this inaugural event in the HealthTech Seminar Series, where invited experts will share their insights, hard-won experiences, and practical advice. What’s worked, and perhaps more importantly, what didn’t.

  • Don Ross, Managing Director and Founder, HealthTech Capital
  • Michael Esquivel, Partner, Fenwick & West LLP
  • Kathy LaPorte, HealthTech Capital and New Leaf Partners
  • Mike Bates, Band of Angels
  • Mike Finney, Finney Capital