The Changing Landscape of Intellectual Property Strategies: What Every Firm Needs to Know

Hosted By: The Knowledge Group

​The fast changing Intellectual Property (IP) landscape creates a more complex environment for companies to cope up with. Such complexity creates numerous challenges on how companies handle their intellectual capital assets and to ensure that they would produce a sustainable competitive advantage over their competitors.

In order to maintain such advantage, awareness among company executives and investors, about the company’s intellectual property, and with the help of IP business analytics will enable their business to take a far more strategic view that would input insights and IP strategies that will closely be aligned to the corporate goals.

The Knowledge Group has assembled a team of thought leaders and seasoned professionals who will help the audience understand the most important aspects of maintaining an effective intellectual property strategy in order to cope up with the increasing complexity in the IP landscape. A panel of key thought leaders will present their findings and best practices that would be able to adopt to the Changing Landscape of Intellectual Property Strategies.

Key topics include:

  • Intellectual Property Strategies – An Overview
  • Common Risks and Pitfalls in IP Strategies
  • Filing Invalid Patent
  • Filing Undetectable Patents
  • Neglecting Other Types of IP Protection
  • Inadequate Protection for Confidential Information
  • Inexistent Contractual Protection
  • Granting Unrequired Rights
  • Impact on Valuation
  • Recent Development in IP Strategies
  • Inter Partes Review for challenging patents
  • Risks Management in IP Strategies
  • Up-to-the-minute Regulatory Developments