The Future of AI Regulation: Informative Q&A on Biden's Executive Order

Join our panel of legal professionals as they dive into President Biden's recent executive AI order and its impact on the advancing world of artificial intelligence. We will address key aspects of the regulations as they impact the technology industry including key privacy regulations, examine the new standards for AI, and discuss essential safeguards that must be in place as technology continues to develop at an unprecedented pace. We'll explore how these insights can improve your business's approach to compliance, by examining the impact on consumers as well as how the order fosters innovation. We will also examine the expected impact to companies delivering AI-based solutions to federal agencies.

This insightful and interactive Q&A session will provide the opportunity to raise your queries and concerns and gain a clearer understanding of how these new directives will shape the future of AI development and the use of AI by businesses including privacy, data protection, and business adaptation.

This session will be recorded.