Wolters Kluwer and Fenwick & West Present: CCPA Workshop and Ask an Expert Special Session

Hosted By: Fenwick & West LLP

Solving the 10 Hardest Parts of CCPA: Learn from Industry Experts in Person What Needs to Be Done Now
While there has been a lot of discussion at the California Department of Justice-sponsored workshops on the nuances of the forthcoming California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), there are, unfortunately, more questions than answers. If that wasn’t confusing enough, now there is a looming amendment to create a private right of action for any violation of the law without a cure period.

While parts of the CCPA require you to start tracking the collection and sharing of your personal data this year (the “one-year look-back”), now is the time for action. In this unique CCPA in-person session, hear from and ask industry leaders how they are solving the 10 hardest parts of CCPA.

Special On-Site Ask an Expert Session
If you register early, you will be allowed to stay for a special 30-minute post-presentation Q&A period to ask our speakers questions applicable to your company.

Hear from Experienced Industry Professionals

  • Jennifer Broxmeyer, Assistant General Counsel, Privacy, Facebook
  • Flora J. Garcia, Chief Privacy Officer, McAfee
  • Hilary Wandall, SVP, Privacy Intelligence and General Counsel, TrustArc

What You Will Learn from This Session Will Include

  • Data Mapping/Processing - How to Map and Manage the Ever-Expanding Global Definitions of Personal Information
  • Do Not Sell Button Architecture - Operationally What Happens When Someone Pushes the “Do Not Sell My Information” Button under CCPA
  • New AdTech Arrangements - How to Use AdTech and Tracking Technologies Absent Further Guidance
  • New Product Demos Under CCPA - Releasing Product Demos in Compliance with the Anti-Discriminatory Differential Pricing Requirements
  • How to Engage Children - Age Gating and Targeting Children under FTC and CCPA
  • Leverage GDPR and Prior Investments - Simultaneously Preparing for CCPA, LGPD (Brazil) and WPA (Washington State)

Fenwick Participants

  • Jim Koenig, Partner
  • Tyler Newby, Partner
  • Lael Bellamy, Director