4 Places BigLaw is Putting its Tech Budget Dollars

Fenwick chief information officer Jim McKenna spoke to Law360 about some of the key technology areas the firm is investing in, including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, client-facing platforms and mobile workforces.

McKenna said that Fenwick started experimenting with AI years ago but its use increased over the last two years after deploying AI tools for its litigation and M&A practices.

These systems have helped Fenwick “move the needle” when it comes to getting an edge on efficiency, McKenna said.

He also pointed out that the firm continues to experiment with AI, including with ways to help lawyers confirm that internal policies for clients remain cohesive when sections are updated.

In cybersecurity, McKenna talked about how the firm is investing in key security software and tools, as well as continuously training lawyers and staff to be vigilant for potential risks.

He also noted how Fenwick is focused on staying on top of mobile technology, as lawyers have more opportunities to work remotely.

The full article is available on Law360.​​


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