After Sliding at Pandemic's Start, Law Firm Subsidiaries Are Soaring

FLEX by Fenwick General Manager Linda Netsch talked to The American Lawyer about how the demand for FLEX’s services during 2020 started to increase in late summer and early fall, spurring bright growth projections for 2021.

​Netsch noted new hiring opportunities that opened up in 2020, particularly for experienced lawyers who are highly skilled in areas like IP licensing and technology transfer.

“When COVID changed things, we had lawyers otherwise not available who were interested in working with us,” she said. “We also found lawyers in other geographic regions as companies became comfortable, by necessity, with remote work.”

Created by Fenwick partner Ralph Pais in 2010, FLEX provides flexible and cost-effective solutions for interim, in-house legal needs to high-growth companies.

The full article is available on The American Lawyer (subscription required).