Biotech Firms Drive IPO Rebound While Unicorns Gear Up

Fenwick’s capital markets & public companies co-chair Rob Freedman spoke with Law360 about the outlook for the technology and life sciences IPO market in the second half of 2020.

Freedman talked about the strength of biotech and healthcare companies, noting that, “From what I am hearing, a lot of these companies can still go out in this uncertain environment. They are a longer-term play."

Freedman also pointed out that the U.S. presidential election in the fall could provide biotech companies with motivation to finish IPOs sooner rather than later.

"It's very important to try to get done by mid-October before the election,” he said. “Clients who have started the process and engaged bankers in the last couple of weeks are now really wanting to go public in September or early October. It feels like it is going to be continually strong between now and mid-October.”

The full article is available on Law360 (subscription required).​​


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