Bush Maintains Hard Stance on Stem Cell Bill

Michael J. Shuster, Ph.D., a partner in the Intellectual Property Group and co-chair of the Life Sciences Group at Fenwick & West, was recently quoted in a TechNewsWorld article entitled, "Bush Maintains Hard Stance on Stem Cell Bill."

President Bush is threatening to veto legislation that would allow federal funding for controversial embryonic stem cell research. Although Bush believes that the legislation, which involves the destruction of human embryos, crosses a moral line, many disagree.

In Dr. Shuster's opinion, Bush's stance has delayed important research that could alleviate human suffering in areas such as spinal cord injury, diabetes, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease.

"While states such as ours have voted with our dollars in passing bond measures that address this issue and others have similar pending measures, these local measures are arguably less efficient, dislocate scientists, and waste infrastructure dollars because the current federal ban prohibits the use of facilities that are supported by federal funds," Shuster told TechNewsWorld.

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