Fenwick Beefs Up Cybersecurity Practice

Noted privacy and cybersecurity authority Jim Koenig spoke to Law360, New York Law Journal and Bloomberg BNA about his move to Fenwick in June 2017.

Koenig will co-chair Fenwick’s expanded privacy and cybersecurity practice with Tyler Newby and a team of cybersecurity industry professionals with privacy, security, audit and compliance backgrounds will also join Koenig at the firm.

Koenig told Law360 that Fenwick is building a one-stop shop where clients can obtain both legal advice and insight on how to handle emerging privacy and security challenges stemming from technology updates the law has yet to catch up with.

He was drawn to Fenwick’s technology-focused client base, noting, “The more I learned about their client base, the more excited I got that this was really the right platform to take the best advantage of my abilities and my integrated and growing team.”

“I love helping clients solve problems to be able to maximize value and the promise of these new technologies while balancing that with the respect for consumer privacy.”

Speaking with Bloomberg BNA, he elaborated on the importance of privacy for companies. “When you think of all the things that make people comfortable with using a new product, they need to trust that they can provide it with their information is at the top of the list. Privacy is a proxy for trust, and trust is essential for the use of innovative new products and services.”

Koenig told the New York Law Journal that Fenwick's unique privacy and cybersecurity practice will simultaneously offering clients legal advice, privacy solutions and industry perspective.

The full articles are available through the Law360, New York Law Journal and Bloomberg BOL websites (subscriptions required). Also see Koenig’s Bloomberg BNA Q&A​.​​​​