Fenwick Partner is First Woman in TechLaw Leadership Position

Fenwick litigation partner and gaming and digital media practice chair Jennifer Kelly talked to The Recorder about her election to the Executive Board of TechLaw.

Honored as one of The Recorder’s Women Leaders in Technology Law for the past two years, Kelly told the publication that as an executive board member, she “would like to encourage more female participation in TechLaw and think about how to promote female leadership within our own law firms.”

She noted that TechLaw is “a really trusted network of people” where she has formed deep relationships with other law firm representatives. “I know that… if I refer a matter to another TechLaw firm, they’re going to do a great job and take good care of my client.”

Kelly said one of the issues she’ll be looking at as a member of TechLaw’s executive board is “the new technologies that we can be using as law firms to help increase our efficiency in the practice of law.”

She will begin serving as TechLaw treasurer in 2018 and progress to the role of president in 2021. She is the first woman to hold a leadership position in TechLaw’s 30-plus year history.

The full article is available on The Recorder website (subscription required).​​​​


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