Fenwick’s Neha Nissen Discusses Retention Efforts with Law360

Fenwick's Chief Talent Officer Neha Nissen spoke with Law360 about the challenges BigLaw firms face in retention efforts after nearly two years of focusing on recruiting new talent.

The article notes that in today's job market and with many people rethinking their careers during and after the pandemic, keeping talented lawyers is more challenging than ever.

"We did make major investments in recruiting these talented people to our firm, and the only way for us to reap the benefits of bringing in that talent is by focusing on our retention efforts," said Nissen.

She describes Fenwick's retention efforts begin with digging deeper into identifying the needs of the individual associates. "Whether there's training needs, coaching needs, needs with respect to integration, mental health needs — then we meet them where they are at as individuals," Nissen said.

The full article is available through Law360.


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