For Fenwick’s Cyber Co-Chair, Privacy is Not a One-Size-Fits All

Jim Koenig, co-chair of Fenwick’s privacy & cybersecurity group, was recently featured in a Q&A piece with Legaltech News.

Koenig discussed his views on a variety of topics, including the FTC, GDPR and the reasons that privacy is a business necessity for technology companies today.

He also addressed the design of Fenwick’s privacy group as a “one stop shop” for clients, and the hands-on approach he takes with his clients to go above and beyond simply advising on compliance or response.

Koenig told Legaltech News that it is important to “get privacy right” as it “unlocks the trust needed to expand innovation and technology” for modern technology companies. He went on to note that if privacy is not appropriately addressed, it could slow down the “trial and adoption of these new technologies.”

The full article is available on Legaltech News (subscription required).​​​​​​​​