GDPR Fines Uncertain After British Airways' Data Breach

Fenwick’s privacy & cybersecurity practice co-chair Jim Koenig talked to Legaltech News about the potential penalties British Airways may face from a data breach under GDPR.

Koenig told Legaltech News that a data breach doesn’t instantaneously lead to a penalty, and that it wasn’t yet clear how stringently the GDPR would be enforced, although regulators may be influenced by public outcry.

“If a lot of people [are] impacted or especially if people are upset, they lost money or there was fraud, regulators listen to that,” Koenig noted.

He added that many companies are closely watching how the GDPR will be enforced. “I think that many companies that have GDPR contacts are holding their breath, waiting to see how conservative or liberal this data protection regulation will be.”

The full article is available on Legaltech News​ (subscription required).


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