How Tech Employers’ Interest in Vaccine Mandates is Shifting

Fenwick litigation and employment practices partner Sheeva Ghassemi-Vanni talked to Protocol about how she has seen large tech companies becoming more interested in requiring employees to be fully vaccinated before returning to the office.

Ghassemi-Vanni recalled to Protocol how a few months ago, employers noted they did not want to require vaccinations, but in recent weeks she has received more calls from clients wanting to know how they can require vaccinations for employees, avoid legal issues and accommodate employees who refuse.

Employers seem to be getting more confident about requiring the vaccine due to recent mandates and guidance from local, state and federal agencies, Ghassemi-Vanni said.

"I think that has really prompted this. That is where I've seen the most uptick in inbound calls," Ghassemi-Vanni said, adding that companies seem to be reasoning that "if our vaccinated employees can go maskless, even better of an incentive to have them be vaccinated."

To make more employees feel safe about returning to the office, Ghassemi-Vanni told Protocol that Fenwick has been advising clients to go the extra mile and require employees to have a vaccine card on file, both if they want to come to the office and if they want to take off their mask.

The full article is available through Protocol.


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