Looking to the Post-COVID Future

Fenwick patent litigation partner Kevin McGann spoke with the New York Law Journal about how his work has changed since Fenwick transitioned to working remotely to serve its clients during the pandemic.

McGann explained, “I think we’ve done an admirable job of (working remotely) in 2020 and there’s a lot of extra things we’ve done as a firm and as a practice to stay connected, but… you run into somebody in the hallway, you have a cup of coffee, you shoot ideas off each other, some of that serendipity is really hard to replicate without being in person.”

McGann observed that virtual court appearances create opportunities for newer lawyers, noting, “Another side benefit was it also gives us the chance to train lawyers, because they can be at the hearing by being in front of their computer.

“Let’s say (there’s) a junior lawyer that you want the training and experience—they’re not flying across the country to attend a hearing. They can attend it on their computer, so I think it offers additional opportunities,” he told the publication.

The full article is available through the New York Law Journal (subscription required).​