Meet 'Fenni,' Fenwick & West's Digital Assistant

Fenwick's AI digital assistant “Fenni”—named the Financial Times’ most innovative technology for 2018—was recently featured in Bloomberg Law.

Fenni empowers Fenwick team members to more quickly and easily gather information, saving time and increasing efficiency. Moreover, Fenni can initiate workflows such as scheduling meetings or booking a visiting office, as well as deliver answers.

Rather than spending precious time searching the firm’s intranet, emailing colleagues for information or performing repetitive tasks, Fenwick lawyers and professionals can now use natural language to type or speak their questions into a web browser, mobile app or smart speaker.

“The amount of information and processes are exploding, the amount of time is finite, and our clients are expecting us to move faster and faster,” said Mark Gerow, Fenwick’s director of application development and business process.

“What Fenni’s really doing is compressing the time required to get to the resources or the processes that our attorneys need to serve our clients,” Gerow said.

The article can be accessed at Bloomberg Law​.​​


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