San Francisco DA Office Attempts Novel Feat: Using AI to Combat Bias

Fenwick intellectual property partner Stuart Meyer talked to Legaltech News about how the San Francisco District Attorney’s office will be using an AI-powered software to remove implicit bias from prosecutors’ charging decisions.

The office plans to use an AI-powered bias mitigation tool to scan and redact any race-specific language before a police officer’s incident report goes to prosecutors.

Meyer discussed the importance of auditing and monitoring a system like this to keep the algorithm as unbiased as possible. He noted that explainability and transparency are key features of any AI software, especially if its decisions are consequential.

“It’s important to recognize that human decisions still get perpetuated through artificial intelligence,” Meyer told Legaltech News. “But the good news is people can think about those things in advance and train to engineer the bias out of them in advance.”

The full article is available on Legaltech News​.