The Law Firm Disrupted: Legal Ops Professionals Are Central to Law Firm Client Relationships

Fenwick & West chief marketing officer Rob Kahn spoke to about the changing nature of the relationship between law firms and clients at a time when the legal operations movement to greater efficiency is shaking up the legal market.

One week after the annual CLOC conference, Kahn pointed out that the goal of legal operations professionals is not simply to spend less money on law firms.

Increasingly, businesses view legal operations professionals as “essential to creating, delivering and managing all the processes, people and technology required to do legal right in a 21st century business environment,” Kahn said.

Legal operations professionals will be more central to the law firm-client relationship, and that is something that Kahn thinks law firms should take note of and make a point of addressing in the future.

“CLOC doesn’t necessarily mean the end of law firms,” Kahn said. “What it does mean is that law firms have some serious thinking to do about what areas of the legal department’s need they plan to address, and how they will evolve to meet those client needs and deliver those services.”

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