Video Games Trigger New Legal Issues

Fenwick litigation partner Eric Ball was quoted in the Inside Counsel article “Video Games Trigger New Legal Issues.”

Ball discussed new intellectual property and other legal issues that are emerging in the rapidly changing video game industry, particularly with the advent of professional eSports. As wearable technology and augmented and virtual reality continue to evolve, Ball told Inside Counsel he expects patents and trade secrets to have a more important role in the industry. He also noted privacy concerns as an increasingly prominent area of focus as games become more interactive with the real world.

“The meteoric rise of professional eSports has created an exciting opportunity to structure relationships that are tailored to the unique needs of the games industry and its players,” Ball told Inside Counsel. “There is already a battle for control between individual players, teams, agents, game developers, and the platforms promoting the games.”

The full article is available through the Inside Counsel website​ (subscription required).