What Football's Music City Miracle Teaches Us about Firm Operations

​​Fenwick senior director of knowledge and innovation delivery Camille Reynolds spoke about the importance of law firm team building at the 2018 Summit on Law and Innovation at Vanderbilt Law School, covered by Legaltech News.

​​The panel, “Leading Lawyers Without a License,” focused on the ways the most innovative law firms approach diversity in decision making and combine legal knowledge with operational and technological efficiency.

​​Fenwick organizes what are called SWAT Teams, pulling in people from across different operations and practice groups to solve firm-wide problems, Reynolds said. “We can always solve problems better with a diversity of expertise.”

​​Reynolds views the fact that she does not have a law degree as an asset. “I don’t march into partners’ offices and say, ‘Let me fix your practice.’ That doesn’t work,” she said. Instead, she has relied on listening skills and has taken the time to sit next to mid-level associates—so much so that she now gets calls frequently because of the familiarity.

​​“Having those kinds of conversations, they realize that I can’t do an option grant, but I can help do it more efficiently,” Reynolds said.

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