When Employees Leave: Who Owns Social Media Accounts?

​​Fenwick employment counsel Anna Suh spoke with the Society for Human Resource Management on how businesses can safeguard their social media accounts when the employees who manage them leave.

Suh told SHRM that the “best practice is to proactively set expectations from the start, as it becomes more of a challenge to manage the process at the back end.” Employees are usually excited to be joining their new company during the onboarding process, and therefore they are attentive and may be more willing to review and accept policies.

Employers may also want to have a separate policy for workers who are specifically responsible for managing company social media, Suh suggested.

Suh told SHRM that before an employee leaves, the company should collect all account information, including passwords, and make sure the departing employee is locked out of all company accounts.

And if an employee receives a severance package, the separation agreement should include expectations about the return of social media accounts, a general release and other post-employment obligations, she added.

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