When Local Courts Get Hit by Cyberattacks, Who's Liable?

​Fenwick privacy counsel Hanley Chew was quoted in the Legaltech News article “When Local Courts Get Hit by Cyberattacks, Who’s Liable?” looking at the growing number of local governments targeted by data breaches.

Governments operate under different liability than other breached entities, such as the private sector. However, cyberthreats aimed at local government agencies are only intensifying despite various immunity protections to block most legal actions, reported Legaltech News.

Chew told Legaltech News that municipalities’ trove of personal and sensitive information and their smaller cybersecurity budgets could lead to increased cyberattacks.

“I think there’s a definite concern that computer systems and networks of local municipalities might be more at risk because they don’t necessarily have the funds to properly update their system networks,” Chew said. “That would be a concern because those municipalities probably have a lot of personal, private information.”

The full article is available through Legaltech News (subscription required).


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