Daily Journal Names Four Fenwick Partners Top IP Lawyers in California: Andrew Bridges, Robert Hulse, Laurence Pulgram and Michael Shuster

​​Mountain View, CA (April 19, 2012)– Fenwick & West congratulates Andrew Bridges, Robert Hulse, Laurence Pulgram and Michael Shuster for being named by the Daily Journal as Top Intellectual Property Attorneys in California. Compiled based on editorial research, the annual Top IP list highlights intellectual property litigators and portfolio managers who have had the greatest impact on the law.

Michael Shuster and Robert Hulse are among 25 attorneys being recognized for their work managing intellectual property portfolios and for their work on patent prosecutions. Laurence Pulgram and Andrew Bridges are among 75 attorneys being recognized for their work in IP litigation. The annual intellectual property feature includes profiles of each honoree.

Mr. Bridges is noted in the article for, “successful battles he waged on two fronts against government efforts to squelch websites accused of hosting infringing materials.” His efforts included “aggressive advocacy against the Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA),” which were defeated in Congress.

The profile of Mr. Hulse notes his work for Facebook prosecuting their first patent and his continuing role managing their IP portfolio. The article also discusses Mr. Hulse’s recent reissue patent application victory for a large technology company which had the potential to “impact the validity of patent holders from broadening their patents through the reissue process.”

Mr. Pulgram was acknowledged for his role defending fair use and fighting the copyright lawsuit business model in the pivotal Righthaven v. Democratic Underground ruling. In partnership with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, he successfully defended Democratic Underground in federal court and subsequently won a summary judgment ruling that found posting of article excerpts to Democratic Underground’s discussion boards was fair use.

In just a few years medical applications of technology “are translating into some very concrete impactful devices and innovations,” said Dr. Shuster in the article. The profile went on to highlight his work for Sony where he led an intellectual property review related to their acquisition of Micronics, a microfluidics company developing diagnostic devices. Dr. Shuster was also noted for his work managing life sciences patent portfolios.

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