Fenwick Launches Casetext’s AI Litigation Research Tool

Mountain View, CA (February 9, 2017)– Fenwick & West is partnering with Casetext to deploy CARA, an automated legal research assistant, for its litigation practice.

"Fenwick’s partnership with Casetext demonstrates our commitment to market-leading legal innovations,” said Rodger Cole, litigation chair at Fenwick. “CARA is a new tool helping us provide best-in-class legal services even more efficiently and effectively. The tool provides tailored, automated analysis aiding the legal research process and benefiting our clients.”

CARA uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to automate key legal research tasks narrowly-tailored to client needs. Lawyers simply upload a legal brief into the CARA interface, which then quickly identifies highly relevant cases that are not cited in the brief. This new process allows lawyers to quality-control their work or expedite research by uploading an opponent’s brief. CARA helps Fenwick lawyers to focus on building their clients’ cases and spend research time more efficiently.

The firm decided to license CARA after testing the tool on active litigation matters and discovering valuable legal precedent to add to the arguments being developed.

“We’re thrilled that our class of early partners includes Fenwick, a firm with such a storied history in the technology industry,” said Jake Heller, CEO of Casetext. “Fenwick truly understands the importance of providing efficient, high-quality representation for their clients, which is exactly what CARA helps litigators do.”

Fenwick is deeply committed to innovation and efficiency for clients. Casetext’s tool CARA is one of several next-generation AI and machine learning tools Fenwick is currently using. Last fall, the firm announced deployment of an AI tool for document review and analysis. The tool is used during the due diligence process for mergers and acquisitions (M&A). More about Fenwick’s innovative approach to client service​ can be found on our website.

About Fenwick & West
Fenwick & West LLP provides comprehensive legal services to ground-breaking technology and life sciences companies – at every stage of their lifecycle – and the investors that partner with them. We craft innovative, cost-effective and practical solutions on issues ranging from venture capital, public offerings, joint ventures, M&A and strategic relationships, to intellectual property, litigation and dispute resolution, taxation, antitrust, and employment and labor law. For more than four decades, Fenwick has helped some of the world's most recognized companies become and remain market leaders. For more information, please visit fenwick.com.

About Casetext
Casetext is a legal technology service that provides novel information solutions to litigation practices. Its award-winning software, CARA, automates key legal research tasks by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to analyze litigation documents, and uses those results to algorithmically query the law. This novel form of search allows litigators to find in seconds highly relevant authority that many hours of traditional research can miss. Because CARA is powered by the Casetext research database, users also access a full library of federal and state law, annotated by expert analysis from leading attorneys and law firms. Customers, who include some of the world's largest law firms, rely on Casetext to help them provide the best litigation services for clients. For more information, visit https://casetext.com or contact Casetext at contact@casetext.com.