2021 Fenwick – Bloomberg Law SV 150 List

The 2021 Fenwick – Bloomberg Law SV 150 List ranks the largest public technology and life sciences companies in Silicon Valley by revenue.

In collaboration with Bloomberg Law​, we calculated company revenue and market cap for the most recent available four quarters which ended on or near December 31, 2020. Data source: Bloomberg.



Companies on the list are limited to those that are identified as part of the tech and life sciences industries. Revenue data are based on Bloomberg quarterly data, adjusted by Fenwick to reflect a calendar-year revenue for each company for comparison purposes. This year, we have expanded the definition of “Silicon Valley” to include Marin County for the first time, in addition to Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. This resulted in a broader set of companies, with several newcomers to the list the result of this geographic expansion rather than increases in revenue or going public. Fitbit was excluded from the list because full-year revenue data was not available at the time of publishing.

In addition, Bloomberg has calculated adjusted revenue for LendingClub ($573M), reflecting that the net revenue required for GAAP reporting by financial institutions differs from revenue reported by operating companies more generally. These updated or adjusted revenues were not used for purposes of determining the Fenwick – Bloomberg Law SV 150 List, though Bloomberg generally provides them when reporting 2020 revenues for those companies.

Due to data anomalies discovered after the fact, we want to note that SumoLogic Inc as well as Eventbrite Inc should NOT have made an appearance on the 2021 list. Instead Rambus Inc., and Telenav Inc., should have been included at spots #148 and #149.