AI Amuse-Bouche: Oct. 11

Every week, Fenwick’s intellectual property associate Zach Harned puts together a handful of amusing and/or informative AI-related stories trending around the world.

This week’s update:

  1. The White House just moved to hold AI more accountable | MIT Technology Review.
  2. Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Meta and Google to improve speech recognition for people with disabilities.
  3. Checkout the cover story of Nature, Discovering novel algorithms with AlphaTensor. Deepmind used AlphaZero to discover a faster way to do matrix multiplication, beating a 50-year-old record in computer science. Matrix multiplication is an important calculation type, undergirding processing that displays images, conducts complex physics simulations, and is fundamental to AI/ML itself.
  4. Would You Swim with a Robot Dolphin? Sounds fun to me!
  5. AI meets Pink Floyd. Using AI to light up the dark side of the moon.
    1. Google joins Meta in announcing a text-to-video tool.