AI Amuse-Bouche: Sept. 27

Every week, Fenwick’s intellectual property associate Zach Harned puts together a handful of amusing and/or informative AI-related stories trending around the world.

1. Artist receives first known US copyright registration for latent diffusion AI art. Notably, the author approached the registration by making it clear that the work was AI-assisted, rather than a work created solely by the AI.

    2. Dries Depoorter’s new project, The Follower, shows how easy it can be to use off-the-shelf AI tools to map an Instagram post to open-access video footage of that moment. Along with throwing a jab at individuals spending lengthy amounts of time capturing the perfect Instagram moment, the project also highlights concerns regarding surveillance.

    3. Bird watching, not just for humans anymore. Can AI stop rare eagles from flying into wind turbines in Germany?

    4. DeepMind’s new chatbot uses Google searches plus humans to give better answers.

    5. How do companies govern A.I.? DeepMind and Intel offer lessons.