Avoiding Landmines in Picking and Protecting Your Company Name

How well you secure and protect your brand as a technology startup can make or break your company. A strong trademark can help you land funding, increase market value, hold off competition, and more. Understanding trademark fundamentals is critical to making strategic decisions around your intellectual property and avoiding pitfalls that may unintentionally hurt your company.

In a recent Fenwick event co-hosted with Capital Factory, we shared tips with C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, general counsel, investors and others involved in the technology startup world on what a trademark is and its value, best practices for enforcing your trademark and common pitfalls that may affect your intellectual property rights.

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Fenwick trademark litigation partner Eric Ball takes you through the basics of trademarks, from devising a trademark selection and enforcement strategy to building a portfolio to help protect your most personal business asset: your name. View his presentation here:


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