Charting the Business Landscape of AI in Games, Digital Media and Entertainment: Video

Technology transaction partners Vejay Lalla and Jennifer Stanley, who co-lead Fenwick’s digital media, entertainment and consumer technology practice, recently interviewed three successful entrepreneurs who are in the trenches building artificial intelligence (AI) companies: Omar Tawakol, CEO of Rembrand, Kostas Hatalis, CEO and co-founder of GoCharlie.AI and Christopher Carter, CEO and founder of GlobalComix.

Their conversation spanned:

  • Their views on what AI is, how it is disrupting media, advertising and entertainment, and where we will go from this early inflection point.
  • How they are keeping up with the rapid growth of AI integration, at a pace never before seen.
  • How customers and prospects view their new products and services.
  • How they are keeping up with the evolving regulatory and legal landscape around AI adoption and use.

Watch the full panel here: