Autonomous Transportation Regulations: What Companies Need to Know

As autonomous vehicles companies innovate, they must navigate a diverse landscape of regulations at the federal, state and municipal levels. Fenwick’s John McNelis and AV regulatory policy researcher Jeremy Strickland discuss what AV companies should know about current regulations, the benefits of testing in a passive or active municipality, and how AV innovators can collaborate effectively with local communities. View the video for actionable insight for companies investing in this $54 billion market.

To dive deeper and learn more about five core regulatory areas AV companies should especially consider, view Jeremy Strickland’s recent report and see the summary below.

Five Categories of AV Regulation Companies Should Consider

  1. Piloting & Testing: Trial programs to encourage the responsible testing of AVs.
  2. Congestion Management: The orchestration of traffic flows within a city or other municipality.
  3. Curbside Management: The management of roads and curbsides from buildings to street.
  4. Distributional Concerns: The fair and equitable allocation of goods and services.
  5. Data Governance & Sharing: Defining data usage and ensuring the privacy of user data.