Sidekick Data Rises from the Ashes

October 15, 2009

October 15, 2009 (Mountain View, CA) – Robert Brownstone, Law & Technology Director and Co-Chair of the Electronic Information Management Practice Group at Fenwick & West LLP, was quoted in the TechNews World article "Sidekick Data Rises from the Ashes," a discussion about the Sidekick/Danger breakdown and how the data customers had stored on their Sidekicks was irretrievably lost.

Brownstone offered insight into the possible causes of the breakdown. "Microsoft/Danger must have had the data backed up in at least one physical location and perhaps they had to restore the data from backup tapes, such as DLT format which would explain the delay, as tape restoration is often a relatively slow process and can be hindered by a tendency for some of the data to be corrupted." Additionally, he states, "There are other possible explanations for why it took several days for the data to be restored. Perhaps no one in a position of authority at Microsoft or Danger readily knew the backup regimen, the backups were not properly labeled or organized or the backups were stored off-site and the vendor could not readily find them."

The article may be read in its entirety on the TechNews World website.