Looking Beyond Document Review, Legal is Branching Out with Artificial Intelligence

July 25, 2018

Fenwick knowledge and innovation team members Camille Reynolds and Alicia Ryan spoke to Legaltech News about the use of AI at Fenwick.

Legaltech News noted forward-looking law firms such as Fenwick are starting to apply AI beyond document review. 

Fenwick is continually improving its use of legal technologies to deliver more value to its clients and as part of that initiative, the firm has deployed Kira, a legal-industry AI platform, to help make its corporate M&A services even more efficient and effective. A survey of Kira’s impact revealed that the tool enables Fenwick’s M&A licensing team to cut document review time by half on average.

Expanding on a Purpose

Ryan and Reynolds discussed the firm’s approach. 

“Obviously we brought Kira in for a purpose-built use case, which is M&A due diligence, and we’ve been using it for that and having good resul​ts,” said Ryan, Fenwick’s knowledge and innovation delivery manager. “But because Kira has the ability to train on your own [data] you’re not limited” to just using it for contract review.

Ryan said the knowledge and innovation team uses Kira to help expand its knowledge management database, as well as keep it up to date. 

Reynolds, Fenwick’s senior director of knowledge and innovation delivery, noted the firm is not just focused on helping automate knowledge management processes, but is continually looking into tools such as RAVN to help automate document management and data management processes.

More information about Fenwick’s use of AI programs, and the firm’s innovative approach to client service—which includes people, processes and technologies implemented to drive efficiencies and value—can be found by visiting the firm’s service innovation page.

The full article can be accessed on Legaltech News​ (subscription required).