Ten Hot Issues in Trademark Law

October 22, 2012

Sally Abel, Chair of the Trademark Group at Fenwick & West, was recently featured in The National Law Journal article, “Ten Hot Issues in T​rademark Law.”

The article examines the ten most significant issues facing trademark owners today and the legal avenues available to handle those issues.

Leading the article is commentary by Sally Abel on the #1 issue identified, the “Domain-Name Explosion.” Generic top-level domain names are expected to increase exponentially over the next year from the typical .com or .org to almost any word imaginable.

Once the Trademark Clearinghouse is launched, trademark owners will want to record key marks.  That will help them block other domain name applicants from registering their marks and give them priority on domains matching their marks during various sunrise periods, said Ms. Abel.

“Brand owners necessarily will have to increase their enforcement budgets, but there are many unknowns that will impact budgets,” she continued.