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Litigation Alert: Supreme Court’s Lexmark Decision Creates Uniform Federal False Advertising Standing Requirement


3/27/2014 - Supreme Court’s Lexmark Decision Creates Uniform Federal False Advertising Standing Requirement, Widening the Door for Claims in the Ninth Circuit; It Also Suggests a New Approach to Determining Standing Requirements Under Other Federal Statutes.

Fenwick Employment Brief - April 14, 2005


4/14/2005 - U.S. Supreme Court Allows Disparate Impact Theory in Age Discrimination Cases/Employers May Not Require Medical Examination Before Making 'Real' Job Offer

Doctors Fear Copyright Crackdown on Medical Procedures

Media Coverage

1/4/2012 - Mitchell Zimmerman, Chair of the Copyright Group at Fenwick & West, was recently quoted in the San Francisco Examiner article

Why Flash is the Future of Storage in Data Centers

Media Coverage

8/23/2011 - Matt Kesner, Chief Information Officer of Fenwick & West, was recently quoted in The New York Times article “Why Flash is the Future of Storage in Data Centers.”

Fenwick Employment Brief - July 16, 2009


7/16/2009 - This Fenwick Employment Brief for July 2009 summarizes recent developments in the law.

Fenwick Employment Brief - May 12, 2010


5/12/2010 - Fenwick attorneys discuss Dukes v. Wal-Mart Stores and other employment law news

Publicity rights vs. the First Amendment


2/19/2014 - Publicity Rights vs First Amendment Rights in advertsising referring to actual people living or dead.

Litigation Alert: KSR International Co. v. Teleflex Inc.—Ordinary Innovation is Obvious


5/1/2007 - On April 30, the Supreme Court in KSR International v. Teleflex, announced that 'the results of ordinary innovation are not the subject of exclusive rights under the patent laws.

Litigation Alert: Supreme Court Clarifies Copyright Eligibility for Useful Articles


3/23/2017 - While much of the legal press may be speculating about the future of the Supreme Court’s Chevron test, yesterday the Court considered a very different kind of “chevron”—a design on a cheerleader uniform. In Star Athletica LLC v. Varsity Brands Inc., the S

Employee Benefits Alert: Another 401(k) Headache: Covering Leased Employees


8/27/2009 - In a recent employee benefits alert, we looked at temporary and part-time employees, and the circumstances under which an employer must cover them under its 401(k) plan.

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Federal Circuit Provides Much Needed Patent Venue Guidance Post TC Heartland


9/22/2017 - The Federal Circuit has issued a landmark venue decision setting forth the standard for determining what constitutes a “regular and established place of business” under 28 U.S.C. § 1400(b).

Cray Scores Significant Patent Venue Win


9/22/2017 - This precedential opinion establishes the standard that will control most venue determinations in patent cases going forward and limits abusive forum shopping.

CEO Pay Ratio Rule: New SEC Advice Helps Companies Prepare to Comply


9/22/2017 - Having recently affirmed that there will be no postponement of the 2018 effective date for CEO pay ratio disclosure, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Sept. 21 issued interpretive guidance to assist companies in their efforts to comply with t

Equifax Breach: 3 Immediate Steps Leading Companies Are Taking To Respond


9/22/2017 - Equifax, one of the three nationwide credit bureaus that track and rate the financial history of consumers, announced in September that it had suffered a data breach exposing personal information of up to 143 million Americans. The personal information of

Fenwick Employment Brief – Summer 2017 Update


8/15/2017 - Fenwick's Summer 2017 Employment Law Update, including regional updates from California, Washington and New York as well as updates on national cases.

Key SCOTUS Decisions in Tech – First Half 2017


8/9/2017 - Despite being short one justice for much of the year, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down multiple significant decisions this past term that can unsettle long-standing legal understandings in multiple technology fields.

Intellectual Property Bulletin - Summer 2017


7/27/2017 - Fenwick & West Intellectual Property Bulletin. Covering current legal issues in patent, copyright and intellectual property law.

A More Consistent USPTO Approach to Patent Eligibility


7/17/2017 - Despite the increased importance of patent eligibility, there remains much uncertainty surrounding the tests implemented to assess eligibility.

What Canadian Supreme Court's Landmark Decision Means for Tech Companies Big and Small


7/6/2017 - What should courts do when one country’s laws collide with a borderless Internet? Last week, the Supreme Court of Canada became the latest court to tackle the issue, upholding an order for Google to de-index globally

Fenwick Privacy Bulletin - Summer 2017


6/26/2017 - Fenwick's Privacy Bulletin