About Our Electronic Information Management Practice

Fenwick’s Electronic Information Management (EIM) group uses the best-in-breed eDiscovery platform, Viewpoint™, enhanced by our award-winning efficiency solutions, to provide complete eDiscovery services at a lower cost than 3rd party vendors (often 50% less for processin​g than major eDiscovery vendors).

Our experienced EIM group employs best-practices techniques for efficient, defensible compliance with discovery requirements. In addition, for higher efficiency and better outcomes, our in-house document review team is highly proficient with our technology, embedded in our litigation teams to share in and collaborate on their strategic vision, and trained on our clients’ protocols.

Our records retention services help companies of all sizes develop practical policies that not only effectively manage risk, but also enable and improve compliance with various legal obligations.

Significantly Lower eDiscovery Costs than our Competitors

  • In-house technology, legal and review teams result in a complete process that is 75% less expensive than traditional approaches, which outsource much of the process to expensive vendors.
  • Fenwick clients pay $195 per gigabyte for post-collection processing—50% less than major eDiscovery vendors—including advanced de-duplication and culling, indexing, e-mail threading, hashing (electronic fingerprinting), application of search terms, concept search and other advanced review features.
  • Superior technology built on the most efficient review tool on the market -- Xerox’s Viewpoint™ -- delivered to the reviewer’s desktop.

Superior Technology Improves Accuracy and Reduces Costs

  • Award-winning platform significantly reduces amount of eDiscovery data requiring attorney review and improves accuracy.
  • Hosting over 1,000 matters—one of the most robust EIM environments hosted by a law firm or any other entity.
  • Our collaboration extranets allow members to upload, download, review and comment upon documents, review calendars and due dates and engage in Web-based meetings whenever and wherever they may be conducting business. More about Fenwick Sharerooms.
  • 1.5 Petabytes of data storage capacity allows Fenwick to host large, simultaneously occurring eDiscovery matters resulting in cost savings for our clients.

Experienced EIM Group Manages Process for Defensible Results

  • Electronic Information Management (EIM) practice group saves clients money and time by efficiently managing, collecting, analyzing and producing electronic information via an automated project management tool reflecting the most current rules and practices.
  • Dedicated review attorneys provide better review and privilege assessments.
  • Our tools and processes significantly decrease the number of professionals’ hours required to complete each phase of eDiscovery.
  • The Fenwick approach enables an analysis of the strength or weakness of a client’s claim(s) or defense(s) at an early point on the timeline.

Discovery Management & Review Team

  • The team includes in-house discovery staff attorneys are experienced discovery project management attorneys (6-8 years) who are trained on client protocols and Fenwick’s technology tools.
  • Staff attorneys are integrated directly with the litigation team, resulting in an efficient review process that is, on average, 75% less expensive than traditional law firm associates or temp agency reviewers.

Recent News and Developments in IT Law

IT Law Today, Fenwick’s new blog authored by Electronic Information Management chair Robert Brownstone, is specifically geared toward the in-house counsel or professional seeking to keep abreast of the latest legal and IT developments.

Retention/Destruction Policies and Protocols

Our records retention services help companies of all sizes develop practical policies that not only effectively manage risk, but also enable and improve compliance with various legal obligations. We advise clients on legally compliant and technologically sound methods of retention, preservation and destruction of electronic information, including:

  • retention/destruction policies and regimes
  • litigation-preparedness and eDiscovery-readiness protocols
  • compliance with information-security laws and accompanying IT best-practices
  • technology-use (and lack of employee privacy) policies
  • separation policies and protocols for departing employees

Download an overview of our retention and destruction regimes for electronic and paper records here.


  • The EIM group is trained to conduct in-depth investigations of computer data and data systems.
  • Members of the EIM team are all highly experienced practitioners, including a certified forensic investigator, current and former trial lawyers, and trained technologists.
  • Our investigation team has handled more than 100 matters, involving the SEC, Department of Justice, IRS, the Attorney General of the State of New York, FCC, FTC as well as litigation in the Federal and state courts.

Recent Experience

On the Litigation front, one successful matter entailed client was faced with defending a patent infringement suit from a competitor that would have entailed years of entrenched litigation, and its resulting costs. Fenwick was able to quickly identify 400 key documents which lead to a quick settlement at a fraction of the potential costs.

On the Corporate front, we recently expedited a mammoth $7.0 billion acquisition by enabling:

  • due diligence involving 60 subsidiaries on four continents;
  • completing the bulk of the collection and analysis in three weeks; and
  • closing the deal in under eight weeks

Security of our Systems

  • Security is our top-level priority and we follow (and often define) industry best practices in data-handling.
  • We strongly encourage our clients to use secure e-mail or to communicate via our secure websites.
  • We have invested in a Network Operations Center that is monitored 24/7 so that we can instantly respond to our clients' needs.
  • We maintain a redundant data center in the event of a business interruption event.