At Fenwick, we have redefined collaboration among legal teams and clients with our proprietary ShareRooms – solid, secure and highly functional networks that go beyond traditional extranets.

Fenwick’s ShareRooms are unique among law firms in their depth and scale. Woven deeply into the fabric of our service offerings, extranets are automatically created for each new client matter and customized to the type of matter. We not only run more extranets than any other major law firm, we have made substantial investments in cutting-edge technology tools and processes that make our ShareRooms the most efficient and cost effective of any other law firm.

While typical law firm extranets are merely ad hoc collections of documents, Fenwick ShareRooms are genuine interactive portals that can accommodate terabytes of data, capacity and functionality that has been “battle tested” via hundreds of high-stakes litigations, cross-border acquisitions and massive IP portfolio intakes. Constructed on SharePoint technology, our ShareRooms are searchable via a common interface for a secure, encrypted communication platform. The result is an amazingly robust and easy-to-use system that facilitates maximum teamwork among our lawyers, clients, co-counsel, consultants and other need-to-know participants in any matter.

Unsurpassed Legal Extranet Functionality at a Fraction of the Cost

Built for bet-the-business litigation and transactions

Our proprietary technology tools and processes allow us to collect and process terabytes of data and documents at a fraction of the time and cost of outside services. For example, our M&A ShareRooms facilitate the entire collection and organization of due diligence data, diminishing deal time from weeks or months to days. This gives our clients a significant competitive advantage, while also reducing costs. For litigation matters, we have built ShareRooms that delivered tens of millions of pages of searchable information available to a nationwide legal team – all in a matter of days.

A common platform that promotes integrated knowledge management

We have merged all content onto one common platform to improve accuracy and efficiency of individual document searching and overall knowledge management, as well as improving integration with our client’s IT platforms. And, Fenwick’s integrated search capabilities allow us to find and synthesize as much data as needed with rapid turn-around times.

Advanced project management tools

Our ShareRooms allow every member of a matter team to upload, download, review and comment upon documents; check calendars and due dates; and engage in real time meetings whenever and wherever they conduct business. A customized dashboard provides convenient access to the most important analysis and information, and email alerts provide notifications when new documents are uploaded. To facilitate global collaboration, each ShareRoom is accessible with any web browser that supports encryption.

What You Can Expect from Fenwick ShareRooms

You never need to worry about security

Each ShareRoom has six layers of virus protection and two layers of anti-spam protection. Our IT team uses an intrusion detection system to constantly monitor all servers and network equipment. We have a formal business continuity and network security plan covering everyday operations and emergency responses that is reviewed twice yearly by nationally recognized security experts.

You never need to worry about cost

A majority of our ShareRooms, used for general matters, are free to our clients. For clients who require ShareRooms to run specific deals, litigation or other complex matters, we charge competitive rates based on number of users, pages uploaded, or other relevant usage. On average, by using Fenwick ShareRooms our clients have saved 20% off the cost of using popular third-party legal extranets, and savings in some instances have exceeded 80% when compared to third-party vendors.

You never need to worry about capacity

Fenwick’s ongoing investments in technology enable us to service in excess of hundreds of terabytes of data online from more than 175 secure servers. And we do it from the first LEED Platinum-certified server room of any law firm, with custom-fabricated cooling systems that reduce power consumption by 70%.

You never need to worry about support

Our IT department provides responsive client support and is staffed by more than 30 trained specialists, many with certification in focused areas of network management and administration. They are committed to ensuring that our clients are trained and functional in all aspects of their ShareRoom operation.

Take Action

Fenwick ShareRooms will give you access to the knowledge, people and speed you need to meet all your needs. If you expect your law firm’s technology to be as superior as its legal services, contact Kevin Vaarsi at (650) 428-4416 or