Project Management: A Solid Approach to Improving Efficiencies and Controlling Costs

Backed by a team of in-house professionals, as well as ongoing project management training for our corporate, litigation and IP groups, we scrutinize matter processes to eliminate waste and identify ways to increase efficiency.

By taking a systematic approach to matter analysis and training, we are always looking for new and novel ways to improve our performance. Developing task code data, tracking performance to budget, and breaking down the elements of tasks to ensure appropriate staffing are all part of our ongoing process. 

What You Can Expect With Fenwick on Your Team

We design budgets around size, scope and stakes

Fenwick’s foundation for project management analysis is a cutting-edge, real-time billing and budget analysis capability. We have a decade of data that powers a detailed estimating database, supported by in-house pricing analysts who provide sophisticated multi-variable estimates by the size, scope and stakes of the individual matter. Our capability to develop accurate budgets, not estimated guesses, and automated budget status reports significantly improves our success with project management tracking on matters.

We leverage technology to facilitate project management

Our extensive in-house IT capabilities--everything from the most robust SharePoint environment of any US law firm, to advanced document management and preparation systems--is one of the key underpinnings of our project management capabilities. For example, the correlation of our budgeting capabilities with the information displayed in each matter-specific ShareRoom extranet ensures that tracking current performance to the matter’s budget is just one click away for our attorneys.

We use our robust knowledge base for ongoing performance improvement

Fenwick’s strategic advantage is that we have the culture and technology to create and access an in-house knowledge base of cost and performance data. We understand how matters are handled and how we can handle them better in the future. We have the budgeting horsepower to make project management work, which means we understand a matter administratively, not just legally. That is the essence of effective project management.

Take Action

If your law firm says it does project management but still handles matter accountability the way it did a decade ago, then it is offering a feel-good message with no discernable benefit to you. At Fenwick, we are building a solid foundation for firmwide project management capability. Why not get in on the ground floor? Contact Rob Kahn at (650) 335-7616 or to learn about how our project management capabilities are helping clients control costs and improve effectiveness.​​​​​​​