Service Innovation Process

Service Innovation Process

Security and Risk Management

Dealing with top-secret transactions and inventions on a daily basis means we have to take security seriously. At Fenwick, we go to great lengths to ensure that our clients' information is private and secure.

Pricing and Financial Management

Fenwick delivers fee predictability to clients through innovative pricing and financial management capabilities. Our team of financial analysts assists clients through the lifecycle of a matter by providing budgets designed around size, scope and stakes; alternative fee arrangements; project management and eBilling system consultation.

Project Management

Backed by a team of in-house professionals, as well as ongoing project management training for our corporate, litigation and IP groups, we scrutinize matter processes to eliminate waste and identify ways to increase efficiency.

Patent Operations Group

One of our clients' most significant patent-related financial burdens is the high cost of managing their patent portfolios. To address this, Fenwick applies a two-fold approach to enhance efficiency and reduce cost.