2018 Gaming Summit: IP and Gambling Issues Facing the Gaming Industry

Hosted By: Fenwick & West and Berkeley Center for Law and Technology

Fenwick & West and Berkeley Center for Law and Technology invite you to a half-day conference to offer insights on the current legal sandbox in gaming an​d esports and the gambling in these industries. Arm yourself with “magic points” by tapping the knowledge of industry, legal and business experts and gain access to thought leaders at the forefront of gaming and esports.

All attendees will receive a copy of Video Game Law in a Nutshell, co-authored by Dan D. Nabel and Bill Chang.​​

Panel Discussions

Panel 1: Navigating the Legal Kaleidoscope of Gaming and Esports.

Welcome to the bonus stage – power up by learning about the IP and corporate legal considerations in gaming and esports. Earn extra points and boost your position by capturing expert analysis of regulations and cases and their effect on enterprises in these rapidly evolving industries.

Eric Ball
Partner, Fenwick & West – Moderator

Mike Sacksteder
Partner, Chair of Patent Litigation, Fenwick & West

Dan Nabel
Principal Counsel, Riot Games

Sara Stapleton
Gaming Industry Attorney and Former Zynga In-House Counsel

Chrissie Scelsi
U.S. General Counsel for Wargaming (USA), Inc.

Panel 2: The Supreme Court Finds Gambling to be Legal! But Is It Really?

Get a look at “the next level” of gambling issues in gaming and esports in the coming years. What are your assets, who are your adversaries and how do you find your way through the challenges? Plot your strategy to grapple with the many and sometimes conflicting national and international regulations.

Jennifer Stanley
Partner, Co-Chair Games Industry Group, Fenwick & West – Moderator

Rick Trachok
Adjunct Professor, Berkeley Law

Bill Chang
Principal Counsel, Riot Games

Niko Plassaras
Associate, Fenwick & West​​​​​​​​​