Behind Entrepreneurship: Innovation and International Acquisition In China

Hosted By: HYSTA

Dr. Matt Wang is President of Cybernaut Investment Group, and Chairman of Cybernaut International. He received Ph.D in Computer Science from the Vanderbilt University, in the United States, and an MBA from George Washington University.

Dr. Wang served as Global Vice President of IBM and General Manager of IBM China Development Labs. He was a senior director of IBM Global Technology Committee, was responsible for the research and development of big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other strategic platforms, as well, provided technology products and enterprise solutions for worldwide customers.

Dr. Wang joined Cybernaut Investment Group, and served as president since Mar 01, 2016. His main responsibilities include: First, global merger and acquisition in areas of health care, education, finance, tourism, and e-commerce with a 60-billion (RMB) merger and acquisition fund; second, investing in 100 cloud cities with innovative technologies by leveraging another 60-billion (RMB) technology fund; third, investment and management of big data and cloud computing platform companies.​