Building the Blockchain Ecosystem

Hosted By: MIT Enterprise Forum Northwest

A lot of people talk about the “big” things that blockchain could do or have very aspirational discussions. This panel discussion brings to ground level ways to make this very tangible right here in Washington and in the next 18 months. From funding and regulatory issues to the tangible technology rollouts... What’s practical today?? This potentially becomes a model to be expanded to other cities and larger conversations.

Money is flowing ($200M+ here alone) but what are the foundational things that need to happen in the market (regulatory, maturity in business models, participation from businesses) to help create that thriving ecosystem?

  • What’s happening from a regulatory standpoint?
  • How is funding done and what are fundamental differences in the blockchain industry that are driving this change?
  • What makes a solid business model for blockchain businesses?
  • Picks and Shovels vs. Industry solutions - Which drives adoption faster?

Join an experience panel with real-world expertise in all things blockchain.​​​​​​


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