Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

At the Forefront of the Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

At the Forefront of the Blockchain Revolution

Clients across the blockchain ecosystem rely on Fenwick for strategic advice as they navigate an uncertain business and regulatory landscape.

Drawing on experience that stretches back to the beginning of blockchain and digital currency, our lawyers find creative solutions that help clients minimize risk while realizing their goals.

Our clients include developers of application layer technologies and native protocols, stable coin issuers, cryptocurrency issuers, traders, exchanges, trading platforms, miners, investors and service providers. We represent several of the world’s most well-funded digital currency startups and largest exchanges, as well as bank consortiums exploring the world of decentralized virtual currency.

What we do

Our long track record of working with blockchain and other emerging technologies allows us to provide efficient, actionable advice as clients pursue the untapped possibilities of blockchain technology, from innovative financing structures—such as token generation events, bespoke security tokens and conventional venture financing structures that integrate token exposure—to applications beyond cryptocurrency.

We tailor approaches that comply with state, federal and international regulations by drawing on our deep understanding of blockchain technology and of the enforcement priorities of key regulators.

We also offer counsel that extends across the spectrum of clients’ business concerns, from corporate structuring and fund formation to protecting and licensing IP, resolving litigation and disputes, navigating regulatory hurdles, and helping companies structure operations internationally.

Experience that dates back to the beginning

Starting in the early days of bitcoin, our lawyers built a record of avoiding excessive risk while still being flexible and creative enough to embrace disruptive business plans and help companies achieve their objectives. Soon after bitcoin launched, our lawyers represented companies handling some of the highest volume of bitcoin transactions and also represented the company that pioneered the first application for blockchain.

We continue to lead as the industry develops: Fenwick is a member of the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium, a group working to develop governing standards for the use of blockchain in the business of law.

Our integrated team

Clients benefit from a deep bench of lawyers with regulatory, corporate, tax, intellectual property, cybersecurity, privacy and litigation experience, as well as familiarity with cutting edge blockchain technology: in short, a team that can counsel both startups and mature companies on any issue that arises when innovating in this complex space.

Our flexible, forward-thinking approach

Clients value the fact that we work as their partners. We listen to their goals and then commit to finding a path forward that successfully navigates the risks that come with working in such a dynamic sphere.

REBA Solution

Fenwick’s Insurtech and Blockchain & Cryptocurrency practices leveraged our deep knowledge of the blockchain ecosystem and insurance industry to develop a new insurance solution for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and other crypto-native organizations that have been left out of traditional insurance markets. Fenwick assists DAOs in establishing this insurance solution, which we refer to as “REBA.” The REBA Solution utilizes a corporate structure that protects not only founders, directors, officers, and other key figures in DAO governance, but also tokenholders who participate in DAO governance.