ESG 2020: What It Means for Boards, Management, and Counsel

Hosted By: PLI

The assessment and management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities has become a critical priority for boards, management and counsel as a result of a growing recognition of the connection between ESG and long-term value creation, significant changes in investor expectations, increasing pressure from customers and employees, and the advent of additional legal requirements. This program, a must-attend for board members, company management and in-house and outside counsel will address the relationship of ESG to long-term value creation, the duties of directors with respect to ESG initiatives, the drivers of corporate adoption of ESG measures, ESG frameworks and standards, and best practices for ESG governance.

How can companies effectively address ESG risks and opportunities? What kind of board oversight and corporate governance changes must be implemented to accomplish this? How can companies address growing pressure to articulate and implement a social purpose? How and where should a company disclosure its ESG initiatives? Attend this program to better understand the significant recent developments that have led to the elevation of ESG as a key component of corporate governance, and the practical changes companies are making to effectively respond to such developments.

Fenwick counsel Ashley Walter, head of the firm's CSR governance and compliance practice, will co-chair this highly informative colloquium. Topics include:

  • ESG overview and key frameworks and legal requirements for ESG reporting, disclosure and diligence
  • The fiduciary duties of directors with respect to ESG measures and related decision-making
  • What is driving investor and customer expectations around social responsibility and sustainability
  • Establishing a framework for enterprise wide-governance of ESG risks and performance
  • Managing shareholders, including employees and activists
  • What is the role of the lawyer in ESG governance?


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