FCPA in China

Hosted By: Chinese American Lawyers of the Bay Area

Recent media exposure of the SEC/DOJ’s FCPA probes among US companies conducting business in China has put those companies in the spotlight. The Chinese government’s increased focus on anti-corruption enforcement further highlights the complexities of conducting business in China. What will you do when you were told by your boss to give a “red envelope” full of money to a Chinese government official? In China’s complex economy, who are considered “government officials” under the FCPA? As a CEO of a US company, what essential steps do you need to take when the SEC informs you that it will launch a FCPA investigation on your Chinese subsidiaries?

Please join CALOBA in our next seminar, "FCPA in China." Our experienced group of speakers will address the latest trends and developments in the FCPA law in connection with the US companies’ business transactions in China.

Specific topics to be covered include:

  • Overview of the SEC whistleblower program
  • Business corruption and the FCPA issues in China
  • How to defend SEC/DOJ FCPA investigations
Panelists include:
  • Bing Zhang Ryan, Associate, Securities Litigation, Berman DeValerio
  • Brent C. Carlson, Director, AlixPartners
  • Catherine Kevane, Partner, Litigation, Fenwick & West


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